Leave your web for the hands of professionals and use Your time effectively for Your priorities. What's goin on?

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what is websitting?

Websitting is a service for controlled growth of Your web- optimized by people for people It is a news service which enables Your web to work instead of You, without Your worries. Websitting controls the content and form of Your web and keeps them fresh and attractive to Your clients. Websitting IS NOT high traffic of the web generated by robots and scripts, We optimize webs for human visitors.

how it works?

The whole process can be simply described by the following steps:



Sign in Your web at our Websitter via an initial analysis. The Websitter will eventually guard it and will oversee it regularly and inform about its condition



The Websitter spends some time with Your web. The Websitter shall be its tutor, doctor, protector, he shall check how it behaves in a team and he shall assist it in the community of WWW


welcome to WWW

Your web becomes a modern, independent, educated, searched, well-informed, forward, active and attractive communicator in the big world of WWW

try it now!

We shall develop an analysis of Your website during the initial inspection. The analysis includes the control of the web structure, security, hosting, text and graphic content, layout, UX, UI and SEO.

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As supplementary services we offer to our clients a complete reconstruction, eventually a web design by our team of communication agency STODOLA. More information in the section GOODIES.
We offer WebSitting Analyser package for the first three months totally FOR FREE on the websites designed by us.

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