Besides regular oversight and controlled growth of Your web we provide You so-called GOODIES that may increase Your confidence and satisfaction with Your web. You may choose from creative, safety, corporate or communication products. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you can not find what you are looking for.



Make insurance of Your web against the attacks on servers or a possible data loss. Everything will be safe and backed up on our backup servers, ready to an immediate restoration in case of web attacks or its parts, Your data loss, a partial or total code damage.



Do you have an old-school web? Would You like to create a consistent visual style of Your web and to adjust it to mobile appliances such a smart-phones and tablets. We will dig through Your CSS code and we will create a responsive design of Your web which shall adjust the visual according to the appliance on which it will be searched.



Has Your web just got old? You do not want to invest Your time, energy and money into it...You like fine work from the very basics. Well, we know how to make a new web for You, a new logo, new advertising, new all Your corporate background and to build up Your corporate with a new visual style... Click here and find out more.


who are we, that we can provide all this?

We are a communication agency STODOLA with which you can find solutions for communication of Your company, product, service, person or event in one place. Every member in the association is a specialist for a different part of the communication and they all meet in one place.

When speaking of communication, we understand advertising, marketing, graphic design, video, public relations, work with media, publishing activities, internal communication, social responsibility, organisation of events, forming of texts, web communication, social networks and digital solutions.